A few weeks ago we released a new search engine interface dubbed "3.0". This update brought major changes to how users interact with our site and how we process search requests.

We've heard your feedback and made some changes...

List of Changes

  • No animation for users with active membership
  • Default limit changed back to 1,000 results
  • Max limit changed back to 10,000 results
  • Users with active membership can now specify results per page (limit)
  • New search system for users with active membership

Results Per Page (Limit)

We've changed the default limit back to 1,000 results per page and the max limit back to 10,000 results per page.

You can change the results per page (limit) per search by clicking on the cursor icon located left of the wildcard (*) symbol.

Only users with an active membership can specify the results per page (limit) per search

New Search System

Those with an active membership will be granted access to a similar but different search engine than others.

Instead of performing a GET request for searches, you will now be required to perform a POST request.

Flag System

When going to the other pages of a search, you will notice a "flag" parameter in the url.

Many users have raised privacy concerns about their query details being displayed within the url. This could potentially allow other actors to generate a list of queries, that a user has performed, from his/her browser history.

The flag allows us to maintain the privacy of our users, by encrypting the query details in the url, while allowing users to easily browse through different pages quickly.

Flag System Basics:

  • Each flag is valid for 10 minutes
  • All flags are encrypted using a symmetric-key algorithm
  • Flags are tied to user accounts and cannot be shared