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Poshmark is an online ecommerce for buying clothing, shoes, and accessories. On August 1st, 2019 Poshmark publicly acknowledged a data breach.

According to the donor, Poshmark was breached on December 2018 and impacted 36,141,795 users.

What is We Leak Info?

We Leak Info is the industry leading data breach search engine. With over 10 billion records and 7,000 data breaches. Unlike similar sites such as Have I Been Pwned, We Leak Info allows the user to view what information was exactly leaked.

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Leaked Information

The following information was leaked:

  • Username
  • Email
  • Hash


The hashes were encrypted using bcrypt. Due to the design of this algorithm these hashes are very difficult to crack.

Some of these hashes can be cracked through our hash API.


We found a total of 350,897 unique email domains. We have posted the top 20 below.

Top 20 Email Domains:

  • Gmail.com: 16,489,701
  • Yahoo.com: 7,971,591
  • Hotmail.com: 2,537,263
  • Goshd.com: 1,356,131
  • Aol.com: 1,293,867
  • Poshmark.com: 1,280,381
  • Icloud.com: 800,463
  • Live.com: 308,196
  • Comcast.net: 303,449
  • Ymail.com: 257,275
  • Outlook.com: 225,071
  • Msn.com: 183,621
  • Sbcglobal.net: 147,662
  • Me.com: 141,362
  • Att.net: 137,014
  • Aim.com: 90,228
  • Rocketmail.com: 87,751
  • Verizon.net: 80,781
  • Bellsouth.net: 70,408
  • Gmail.con: 68,775

What can I do?

If you've been affected by this data breach we recommend changing your password and enabling two factor authentication for critical accounts.

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We hope by publishing this disclosure and making it publicly available to everyone, it will help users understand what exactly happened.