With the release of our new search engine, we have decided to publish an official search guide.

We hope this guide will help users utilize our search engine to its fullest extent.

To enable case sensitivity surround the query in double quotations.

Example: "admin"

Advanced Search Options

We Leak Info currently offers 2 advanced search options:

  • Wildcard - *
  • Regex - ®

You can enable the advanced search options as shown below:


Wildcard and Regex cannot be used at the same time

Wildcard allows you to fill in an unknown amount of space in the query.

Replace the unknown part of the query with an asterisk (*).

Example: admin*

The query must contain one asterisk and one @ symbol

Regex allows you to fill in an unknown part of the query based on rules.

We won't go over how to use regex in this guide but a simple Google search can yield millions of results.

Domain Searches

Domain searches allow you to search for all emails part of a specific domain. This can be achieved through the wildcard option.

Example: localhost.com

  1. Set "Email" as search type
  2. Enable wildcard
  3. Search "*@localhost.com" (Without the quotations)