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Armor Games is a game portal website that hosts free Flash-based browser games across a wide variety of genres, including point-and-click adventure, arcade, puzzle, and MMO games. This is the third time Armor Games have been breached. Once in August 2018 and then once again in December 2018. At this time Armor Games has not made a public statement about the December 2018 and January 2019 data breaches.

The website was breached on January 2019, however it is unclear how the data was taken. This data breach affected 11,013,503 users.

What is We Leak Info?

We Leak Info is the world's fastest and largest data breach search engine. We help individuals secure themselves online by allowing them to verify if their password or email has been leaked. Unlike similar sites such as Have I Been Pwned, We Leak Info allows the user to view the raw results from the database.

We Leak Info is a freemium tool and provides free searches to everyone without registration. However, we require a small payment to view the raw results of a search. This goes towards maintaining expensive server fees and improving the service. Being the fastest data breach search engine on the market, each search takes a fraction of a milliseconds. We currently hold over 8 billion records.

Deleted Accounts

Out of the 11,013,503 accounts, we discovered that 234,488 accounts were deleted or disabled.


The hashes were encrypted using SHA1.

Most of the hashes can easily be decrypted through our hash API.


We found a total of 152,791 unique email domains. We have posted the top 20 email domains below.

Top 20 Email Domains:

  • 3,226,200
  • 1,654,881
  • 1,264,295
  • 703,239
  • 310,600
  • 117,988
  • 109,392
  • 89,582
  • 81,491
  • 79,018
  • 68,393
  • 59,126
  • 57,157
  • 56,268
  • 54,062
  • 49,000
  • 47,806
  • 42,447
  • 39,574
  • 39,242


We hope by publishing the data and making it publicly available to everyone, it will help users to secure themselves.